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The cold days of winter are finally gone and the flowers are starting to bloom, which means it’s the perfect time to start that landscaping project you’ve been wanting to do. At our paver installation company, we always try to help our customers increase their home’s curb appeal, so we have a few landscaping tips to offer:

Plan It Out

Warm weather often means digging in and landscaping everything like crazy, but before you do that, we suggest having a plan. Decide which plants you want to use and draw out how the area will look once they’re planted. Then, plant them in stages and consider the best times for planting (annual vs. perennials, etc.). Also, trim up your existing landscaping before you begin.

Reseed If You Need To

After months of cold, there will probably be patches of grass that are brown or bare. Grab a soil test kit from your local nursery that can help you figure out what nutrients your soil is in need of. Then, if you decide the soil needs reseeding, do so (and don’t forget the water) to get that lush look back.

Know Your Climate

Some trees, flowers, and shrubs can only grow in certain areas of the country, so when you go to your local nursery, know what zone you live in. This will help you pick out plants that will grow well and last longer. Also find out what type of soil you have and how much sunlight your yard gets. You’ll be able to choose foliage more accordingly.

Mow Your Grass Well

Mowing your grass takes more thought than just pushing your mower along. If you cut it too short, you’ll deprive it of nutrients and give it too much sun (which can lead to weeds), and if you don’t cut it short enough, it will shade the ground and leave the soil with too much moisture. Figure out the type of grass you have and what the recommended height is that you should cut it. The right height will also make your grass look great.

Get Some Advice

Not sure what to plant? Take a walk through neighborhoods or a drive around town and look at the landscaping of other homes for inspiration. Also, don’t be afraid to get some advice from these homeowners or from local landscaping experts. They may open your eyes to something you didn’t know before.

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