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In our last blog, we discussed some things you can do to increase the curb appeal of your home. While curb appeal means the same thing for both homes and businesses, there are different approaches you can take to make a business more attractive to people passing by. Business curb appeal can also mean the difference between customers and people who simply take a look and walk on.


A little landscaping can go a long way for the exterior of your business. If you don’t already have a few plants, trees, and bushes, invest in ones that complement the shape and color of your building. If you do already have some, make sure they’re trimmed and well-maintenanced. Landscaping often makes people feel more comfortable and can give your business a “homey” effect.

Visible Signage

Your sign is likely the very first thing that a customer is going to see when they look at your business, so you want to make sure they can read it. Use a font that’s understandable and sized appropriately. Also use colors that stand out from one another and stand out from whatever is in the background (whether it be the road, trees, another business, etc.). You also want to make sure your sign is visible from the areas around your business, including from the street, from the parking lot, and from the sidewalk. A clean, visible sign makes a great first impression.

A Clean Parking Lot

As our concrete paving company has said many times before, we believe that a clean parking lot has a positive effect on visitors and customers. Not only should it be clean from debris, but also clean from oil spots or stains and structured so that people can easily get in and out. A fresh coat of sealant can make it look rich and inviting and freshly painted parking space lines can make it easy to maneuver.

Window Displays

After your landscaping, sign, and parking lot, your window displays are what your visitors are going to see next, so it’s important to make them creative, eye-catching, and true to your brand. Don’t go overboard with decorations or lighting and keep sale or discount signs to a minimum. You don’t want to overcrowd the space or draw negative attention to it.

Welcome Entrance

Is the entrance to your business welcoming to your customers? Do you have an easily accessible walkway to your front door and is the front door clearly marked? Entrances are always more inviting when they feel warm and approachable, so try hanging a festive wreath on the door, laying down a “welcome” mat, hanging or displaying some plants, or adding some cozy lighting fixtures. When a visitor feels welcome, they’ll enter your building with a more positive attitude.

Fresh Paint

If your business’s building is old, faded, or painted a dated color, a coat of fresh paint can do wonders. Paint can not only update the building’s facade, but it can also be a key to standing out among other businesses. If the other buildings on your block are all neutral colors, try painting your building a shade or red or green. You just may attract more people than you think.

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