Concrete Damage

Safer Alternatives to Salt

During the winter, the harsh conditions can create problems around your business or residence. The freezing weather commonly causes snow and ice on to build up on concrete and paved surfaces. This can be dangerous to family, children, pets, and workers. However, there are numerous ways to prevent ice and snow from causing issues for your home and business. Unfortunately, some of these ways can cause concrete damage. Here, the concrete experts at Mr. Pavement give you safer alternatives.

Salt is Damaging

The most common way of preventing ice and snow on your porches, sidewalks, and driveways is salting prior to ice and snow. This may seem like a quick solution, but putting salt on these surfaces can cause concrete damage. Salt on concrete or pavement can causes it to pit, and once pitted, it can eventually crack and break. Additionally, when salt comes in contact with metal (example: your patio furniture), it can cause corrosion, and thus more damage to your property. Luckily, there are different and safer solutions to help prevent slips and damage.

Shovel First

One of the tried and true safer alternatives to salting pavement is using a shovel. Sometimes, though, this method is not effective enough to remove ice from pavement. Ice can be stuck and unable to scrape away with a shovel.

Cat Litter

Yes, you read that right! Cat litter is a great salt alternative that creates traction. Also, litter will not cause any harm to the outdoor surfaces like salt does. You can grab a natural cat litter which will not have any chemicals and toxins in it. Then you will know that it will be safe for pets, children, plants, and workers.

Heated Stair Mats

You can also place heated stair mats on steps and other paved areas around your residences or businesses. These heated mats can easily be placed anywhere and will cause no harm to the surfaces, concrete, pets, and children.

Other Alternatives

The last suggestion as an alternative to salt is using gravel, wood chips, or straw. These materials also add traction to potentially icy surfaces, but won’t cause any concrete damage. We recommend placing them on paved areas prior to snowfall and icy conditions.

While there may be many ways to prevent concrete damage, sometimes it is inevitable that damage will occur around your residence or business. Do not fret because the Mr. Pavement team in the Greater Philadelphia area can assist you with those concrete problems. We have over 10 years of experience working with concrete and are experts who can take care of both residential and commercial properties. If your concrete needs to be repaired, replaced, or you’re thinking of installing concrete, give us a call or request a free estimate today!

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