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Every year, our paver installation company builds a considerable amount of patios, and one of the biggest questions we get is how do the styles of decks differ from patios. While decks can be made into nearly an shape, size, and height, here are the five most popular decks we find:


Platform decks are the most simple deck designs and are often built onto single-level homes or buildings. These decks are usually built on level property and are built low to the ground, with just one or two steps up onto the deck. Because this type of deck is low to the ground, you can outline its shape in many ways including railings, benches, plants, planter boxes, and more.


Multi-level decks often consist of two levels, but can have as many levels as possible (given that there is the space available for the levels). These levels are connected using stairs or walkways and can be built on land that has a small slope. Multi-level decks can add a great amount of outdoor living space and can provide several different views from each deck level.


While not as popular as platform or multi-level decks, curved decks can add an elegance and a unique design element to any home or building. Curved decks can stand alone or can be built into an existing deck and can range in shape from oval to full circle. These decks can be built close to the ground or elevated, which means they can be built on any slope of land.


Because of their architectural intricacy, two-story decks are often found on larger, luxurious homes or buildings. These decks provide an outdoor living space on both the first floor and the second floor and often have several sets of stairs for access to both levels. Some people don’t prefer two-story decks because they believe the vertical beams between them are aesthetically unpleasing.


Detached decks are built in an area away from the home or building, making them more like patios. Because they don’t extend from an already-built structure, detached decks are often one-level or platform style. These decks are usually built on level ground and can be made into an shape or size. Many homeowners choose to incorporate a gazebo on a detached deck.

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