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These days, the majority of parking lots, driveways, and roadways are paved with asphalt instead of concrete or brick pavers. But why do so many people choose asphalt? Our asphalt driveway paving company is here to share some of the great benefits of the dark, stick material:


When you choose asphalt for your driveway or parking lot, you’ll be able to use it much faster than you would if you chose concrete. Once asphalt is laid, it dries quickly and can be driven on within a day or two. Concrete, on the other hand, takes twice as long to lay and around twice as long to dry.


Asphalt is fairly easy to maintain, making it a good choice for nearly any paving project. If you experience a crack or hole in your asphalt, we can help you repair it by patching it up and smoothing it down. After that, it’ll be as good as new. And if your asphalt has a significant amount of damage, our resurfacing service can give it a fresh look and extend its lifespan.


If you’re looking for a pavement material that’s not only long-lasting, but also affordable, asphalt is a great choice. You’ll not only enjoy the material’s rich, dark look, you’ll also enjoy its price over the price of both concrete and pavers.

Durability & Flexibility

When it comes to durability, asphalt is resistant to many different weather conditions and is built to last several decades. It can also handle the weight and traffic of oversized trucks and construction vehicles, making it perfect for a parking lot or roadway. A quality layer of sealcoating on a regular basis can also help extend asphalt’s endurance and refresh its look.

Asphalt is also flexible, and can expand and contract according to the temperature. This makes it less susceptible to cracks and damage, and it also helps the material endure heavy loads without caving under the pressure.


Asphalt is the most recycled product in the U.S., making it an appealing material for homeowners and businesses alike. In fact, according to the National Asphalt Pavement Association, the asphalt industry recycles asphalt at a rate of 99%, and asphalt manufacturers are able to create new asphalt out of nearly 100% reclaimed asphalt.

Still not convinced by asphalt? Let our asphalt driveway paving company explain more of the material’s great benefits. Give our experts a call today.

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