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At Mr. Pavement, we’ve completed countless paver patio installations and one of the first things our customers ask is what kind of pavers are popular. While we tend to install a lot of concrete, there are others on the market, such as:

Natural Stone

Many people prefer a natural look to their hardscape, so they often choose natural stone pavers. These pavers are made from stones that are taken directly from the earth. Once a quarry finds the right type of stone, it’s sand down and cut into shapes (sometimes they’re symmetrical and sometimes they’re made to look like rocks). Some of the most popular stones used include: marble, granite, limestone, bluestone, flagstone, and cantera. Each type comes in a variety of different colors.


Concrete pavers are our most popular type of paver. Concrete gives you a look that is similar to stone pavers, but for a lower price. These pavers are made of cement and aggregate and because they’re dyed, they come in a nearly endless number of colors. At Mr. Pavement, we often use concrete for paver patio installations, fire pit areas, walkways, and design purposes.

Clay Brick

If you’re looking for pavers that are durable and long-lasting, clay brick pavers are among the best. When these pavers are made, they’re fired in kilns at very high temperatures. This process fuses the materials and hardens the clay to create very strong pavers. These pavers are usually a reddish-brown color (much like brick), but can be shades of charcoal or pink as well.

Decomposed Granite/Pebble

Some people love the look and texture of small stones, which is where decomposed granite or pebble comes in. These stones can range in size from 1/4″ to as small as sand and are considered permeable because they allow rain to flow through them and soak back into the soil. This type of material can be found in an array of colors.


While not as popular as other paver materials, rubber pavers are a great choice if you’re looking to “go green.” These pavers are made from recycled tires and can be cut into a variety of shapes and dyed many different colors. They’re also very easy to install and are less susceptible to cracks and chips.

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