paver patio installation


Are you considering a brick or paver patio installation for your back yard? Before you do, there are a few things you should think about in order to create the best patio for your home:

Your landscaping

A patio is not only a great place for entertaining, but it’s also a design statement for your property. Before you decide on a shape and size, step back and look at your landscaping. Maybe a rounded shape would complement it better than a squared shape, or maybe the best place for installation would be between certain bushes. You can even draw out your landscaping and play around with patio designs before your decision.

Water runoff

When it rains, your yard is able to absorb the water. When you build a patio on top of it, however, the bricks or stones reduce the amount of water that can be absorbed. Before you build your patio, you should talk to a professional about your water runoff situation. If your property is sloped or if there’s a way to drain water runoff into your landscaping, we’ll consider it before we being your brick or paver patio installation.

A focal point

As we mentioned above, a patio is a design statement, so take advantage of the area and create a focal point for your visitors to enjoy. You can do this by incorporating a waterfall, building a fire pit, or simply using the stone color or pattern to center the design.


If you don’t have much landscaping already, try planting some small trees, bushes, or flowers in or around your patio. A large area of hardscape in the middle of an open yard makes for a harsh look, so use plants and greens to break up the boldness and soften the stones. Trees can also provide shade for when you’re relaxing on your patio in the summertime.

The right stones

Choosing the right stones is one of the most important parts of creating a patio. Consider the variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors and think about what would look best next to your home. At Mr. Pavement, we can help you do that!

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