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At Mr. Pavement, we love building paver patios and paver walkways for our clients, however, many times, they’re not sure what type of pavers they want. These days, there are several different kinds available (see our blog on the 5 most popular), and while some people opt for the natural and unique look of travertine pavers, others choose the more common material of concrete. Here, we compare their differences:


Much of your paver choice will be based on how you want your pavers to look. Since travertine pavers are made from all-natural stone, they have a very unique and earthy look to them. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, can be made to mimic travertine pavers, but will never have the same natural characteristics. When it comes to color, however, you have more control over what color you want your pavers to be when you choose concrete pavers.


Sometimes you’ll see pavers in uncommon shapes: triangles, rectangles with wavy edges, hexagons, diamonds, I-shapes, and more. These pavers are usually concrete; concrete pavers are man-made, which means it’s easier to mold them into specific shapes. Since travertine pavers are from the earth, they usually only come in simple shapes like squares or rectangles.


Travertine pavers are natural stones, which means they must be quarried from locations where the stone is found. This makes them a little harder to obtain and more expensive to install. Concrete pavers, however, can be made on-demand and at any time, so they’re more budget friendly. When it comes to repairs, you’ll likely see the cost of a travertine paver repair quoted higher than the cost of a concrete paver repair.


When it comes to pavers, you’ll want to choose ones that are durable and can hold up against frequent use. This is where travertine pavers come in. Because they contain calcified materials, they are very strong and have been used in the architecture world for thousands of years. Concrete pavers are also strong, and fare better when it comes to acidic liquid spills like orange juice or wine.

Resale Value

If you ever decide to sell your home, your potential buyers will likely value travertine pavers more than concrete pavers (just like they’ll likely value pure granite counter tops over faux granite). Because natural stone is rarer and more expensive than concrete, travertine pavers will up your resale value.

No matter what kind of pavers you desire for your home or business, our paver installation company can help make your patio or walkway dream a reality. Give us a call today to get started.

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