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If you’ve ever seen a raised flower bed or a wall that lines a home’s driveway, you’ve seen a retaining wall. If someone has a sloped property, they may want to install a retaining wall to keep their dirt and landscaping from sliding downhill. Others may want to install a retaining wall simply for artistic purposes. As a paver installation company, we believe a retaining wall can be a great addition to your landscaping – and we love building them.

Erosion Prevention

As mentioned above, a retaining wall can help you keep sloped property in its place and prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion can be caused by high winds, rain, or water runoff. Once your soil is displaced, it will travel down the slope and pile up wherever the land levels out – which can be a major pain. A retaining wall helps keep everything level and in its place, so you won’t have to worry about erosion.


Retaining walls can be used in many different ways to add a touch of creativity to your property. They can be built into a patio for privacy, as a way to line your driveway or property, in various height levels to add depth, to enclose a raised flower or plant bed, and more. A retaining wall breaks up the mundane look of just grass and plants, and can add value to your home.

No Upkeep

Unlike a patio or driveway, a retaining wall doesn’t experience much wear once it’s built (aside from natural elements like hail, UV rays, or snow). This means that they require next to no upkeep in order to maintain their beauty, and you won’t have to worry about replacing stones or pieces of concrete.

Water Management

Like erosion, retaining walls can help protect your property. If you’re in an area that receives a lot of rainwater runoff, it can cause problems like flooding or erosion. A retaining wall can help reduce the speed of water runoff or the amount of water runoff – either for your home, for your neighbor’s home, or both.

Additional Space

If you have a small piece of property and really want to plant some landscaping, a retaining wall (or multiple retaining walls) can help. Instead of trying to cram your plants or flowers into one area, you can build a retaining wall to give you multiple, level areas and more space. Many people use retaining walls to add a design element to their patio or to a small staircase.

If you’re interested in a retaining wall, call our paver installation company today. We can help you design your perfect wall and have it completed quickly.

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