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Summer is officially here and at our paver installation company, we know you’re going to be using your patio for relaxing nights, holiday parties, get-togethers, and more. Whether your patio is dated or it’s just plain, we have some great ways you can upgrade it for the season:

Upcycle Old Furniture

If you have old pieces of furniture that you’re considering throwing away or donating, take a good look at them before you do – can they be upcycled into an outdoor piece for your patio? There are many ways to convert one thing into another and with a fresh coat of outdoor paint, you can create a great upgrade for your patio.

Use Indoor Accessories

We know indoor accessories aren’t weatherproof, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them out when you entertain. If you’re having a party on a beautiful summer day, grab some of your favorite pillows and blankets from inside and add some decoration to your outdoor space.

Invest in Rugs

If your patio needs an update (or simply a splash of fun color), reach for a patio rug or two. You’ll make the entire area more inviting and colorful. Just be sure to choose rugs that are made for outdoor weather.

Paint Old Brick

Brick is such as strong and sturdy material and chances are, you don’t want to get rid of the brick you have. Whether it’s on a wall or it’s your patio itself, old brick can be updated with a fresh coat of paint. Choose something high quality that’s made for the outdoors and pick a classic shade that won’t be dated.

Add Some Privacy

You can easily add some privacy and elegance to your patio by investing in some outdoor curtains. These can be hung from a roof overhang, attached to bordering wooden beams, or even incorporated into a trellis or pergola. They’ll instantly add a sense of intimacy and turn your patio into an outdoor room.

Set the Mood

If all you have is standard patio lighting (like flood lights or wall lights), step it up with something interesting. Opt for Edison-style light bulbs strung up around your patio edges or rustic pendant lights hung from large shepherd’s hooks. You’ll be sure to set the mood.

Use Colorful Planters

If your patio could use some more color, try adding some planters. Whether you choose neutral-colored pots with bright-colored flowers or bright-colored pots with greenery, they’ll add a nice touch.

Add a Fountain

You don’t have to take a leap and put in an actual pond with fish, but adding a fountain to your patio can improve its overall ambiance. Use stones or pavers to create a base and choose a fountain that fits the size of your patio. You’ll love the constant trickle of water that you hear.

Dance to the Music

Music is pretty essential when you’re entertaining, so why not tuck some outdoors speakers into your patio so you can have music ready at any time? Choose wireless speakers or, if you’re tech-savvy, get some that can be wired to your stereo inside.

Create a Focal Point

Every room has a focal point and just because your patio is outside doesn’t mean it should be any different. Choose an area you want everyone’s eye to go to and invest in something eye-catching, whether it’s a gazebo, a boldly colored set of chairs, a rug, a fire pit, or something else.

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