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Our asphalt patching repair experts have seen their share of parking lots – from great-looking ones to ones with minor issues to ones that need a lot of help. At Mr. Pavement, we know that your parking lot is the first thing your visitors see, and we recommend keeping it beautiful in order to make a good impression. In addition, here are some ways to improve your property:

Pay Attention to Cracks

If you find minor cracks in your parking lot (under 1/2″ wide), be sure to keep an eye on them. Over time, inclement weather and vehicle traffic may make them worse and you’ll want to repair them before they do any damage to your customers’ vehicles. Be sure to check on current cracks and check the parking lot for any new ones.

Upgrade Your Lighting

If you don’t already have a lighting system that illuminates your entire parking lot, consider investing in one. Parking lots are supposed to feel safe to your visitors and a well-lit one will make them feel at ease. In addition, if you have a video surveillance system watching over your lot, the lighting will help you see what goes on more clearly.

Sweep It Regularly

It’s important to keep your parking lot clean – not only to make a good impression on your customers but to also to protect your asphalt. Dirt and debris can block drainage and lead to standing water, which can then lead to asphalt damage.

Make It Handicap Accessible

Even though your business is open to everyone, some individuals may feel left out or discriminated if they find out there’s no easy way for them to access your building. You should already have at least one handicap parking spot in your lot (two if your lot holds more than 25; three if it holds more than 50, etc.), but if you don’t have a ramp that leads to your entrance, you may want to consider installing one.

Get Rid of Oil Stains

Just like standing water, oil in your parking lot can break down your pavement and cause damage. Inspect your parking lot on a regular basis and if you find any oil stains, remove them as quickly as possible. Read our blog on How to Remove Stains from Your Driveway. You can use these methods on parking lots, too.

Seal It

At our asphalt patching repair company, we recommend sealing your parking lot every 2-3 years, depending on the amount of traffic it gets. Sealcoating your parking lot not only fills in cracks and protects against natural elements, but it also gives your parking lot a rich, inviting look.

Repaint Your Lines

If your parking lot lines are starting to fade, do yourself a favor and let us put a fresh coat of paint on them. You’ll not only make your parking lot a safer place to park, you’ll also make a great impression on your visitors.

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