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Ever wonder what we do to get parking lots back to their original luster? At Mr. Pavement, our parking lot sealcoating process is one that can not only transform the look of your tired, old pavement, but it’s one that can also protect it from natural elements (like hail, sleet, UV rays, etc.) and wear and tear in the future. Take a look at our professional process, so you know what to expect in a parking lot sealcoating:

In order to sealcoat a parking lot, the pavement must be free from dirt and debris. The first thing we’ll do when we get to your business is inspect your pavement. If we find any cracks or holes, we’ll remove any vegetation growing in them and then clean them out. We’ll also remove any areas of reside or buildup (such as oil) to get the pavement ready.

Once those processes are complete, we’ll clean your entire paved area by sweeping it with steel brushes and power-washing it to make sure all of the dirt is removed from the crevices.

After the thorough cleaning, we’ll fill in any cracks or crevices with an asphalt sealant so that they don’t get worse and cause more damage to your pavement. Then, we’ll move on to the sealcoating. We use a high-quality sealer made from a mix of coal tar emulsion and epoxy fortifier. These materials together create a strong, protective seal that will leave your pavement with a rich, beautiful look.

Once we’re finished, we’ll barricade your parking lot entrances to make sure no one drives or walks on your fresh sealcoating. It will usually take 24-48 hours for the sealer to cure. After that, you’ll be free to drive on it again. If you need a fresh layer of parking lot lines, we’d be happy to provide that assistance as well. Just let us know, and we’ll create bold, crisp lines to organize your parking lot.

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