parking lot lines


When it comes to parking lots, our asphalt lining company knows that clearly marked parking lot lines can make a big difference in the world of your business. Whether you’re in need of new lines or your lines are faded and need repainting, it’s important to have a fresh set of markings. Here’s why:


If your parking lot lines are faded, you could compromise the safety of both your staff members and your customers. When drivers don’t have any bold lines to guide them to a parking spot, there’s the possibility that they could park their car in an inconvenient location – in front of the business entrance, in the middle of an intersection, blocking access to a walkway, etc. Also, if your parking lot has arrows that direct drivers in a certain direction, you could be compromising the safety of traffic flow.

For example: If you have a one-way exit lane and the word “Exit” and an arrow can’t be seen clearly on the pavement, drivers may think it’s a two-way lane. This could easily confuse drivers who may already know it’s a one-way exit lane and could cause an unwanted collision.


When a person visits your business, it’s always good to make a first impression. Having a freshly paved parking lot with clear, bold parking lines will set the tone for a positive experience. Having a dull parking lot with faded lines, however, won’t get their attention in the best way.


If you have a small parking lot or a parking lot that gets full on a frequent basis, you know it’s important that everyone parking in a respective parking spot. If your parking lot lines are so faded that drivers can’t see where they should park, they could end up parking in more than one parking spot. This could impact the capacity of your lot and potentially cost you business.

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