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At our patio paving company, we know that patios are a great way to add livable space to your home and are perfect for parties, get-togethers, celebrations, and more. If you’ve been wanting to spruce up your patio, we have a few suggestions on how to do so:

Fire Pit

If you didn’t already incorporate a fire pit into your patio design, you can always add one. Fire pits can be great in any season and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to complement your space and your style. Just don’t forget to add some seating to make the area even more cozy and inviting.


Water can be a soothing element for any outdoor space and a patio is the perfect place to incorporate it. Consider adding an elegant fountain so you can enjoy the constant sound of trickling water. Or opt for a pond where you can add succulents, frogs, or fish to liven it up.


For a touch of elegance and architecture, choose a pergola to add to your patio. These structures can be made in a variety of shapes and can give you a light, airy, inviting space to relax. You can also use a pergola as a base for playful lighting, climbing vines, hanging plants, and more.


While you may think of rugs as indoor decor, there are actually plenty of rugs created to withstand the elements of the outdoors. Rugs not only add a touch of decoration, but they also feel good under your feet. Try putting a rug under your patio table or in a general “living” area to add an element of comfort.


Whether you’re trying to stay dry or stay cool, our patio paving company knows that shade can be a big help on a patio. If your patio is adjacent to your home, consider adding a retractable awning to your home that extends out over your patio. You can also buy large stand-up umbrellas that can do the same thing. Or, if you have a pergola, add a cover for protection.


Your patio is outdoors, so why not incorporate some plants into its design? Add some structure by planting some shrubbery around your patio border or build a few elevated flower boxes and fill them with colorful blooms. You can also simply plant some attractive foliage in planters and incorporate them in the shape of your patio.

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