patching vs resurfacing

Do you have an asphalt area that has undergone some damage? If you’re considering either patching the area or resurfacing it, our paving company blog can help. This week, we’re discussing the differences between patching your asphalt and resurfacing it – and which is best for you.


You may be asking yourself, “When should I skip the patching and go right to resurfacing my asphalt?” Over time, your asphalt will undergo wear and tear, but certain designs will be affected more than others. For example, an asphalt driveway will sustain more wear than an asphalt walkway. This means that you may start to see cracks or holes in your driveway before you see them in your walkway. If the cracks or holes are minimal, you’ll be fine patching them. If they’re larger, or in areas that get constant use, you may want to resurface the area.

Time Consumption

When it comes to the amount of time it takes to patch versus the amount of time it takes to resurface, much of it depends on the area you’re repairing. A patio resurfacing may take as much time as a parking lot patching, so consider this when contemplating your options. On a general note, resurfacing will take more time than patching, so if time is an important factor and your paved area can suffice with a patching, you may want to just patch it.


Patching a damaged area of asphalt will reinforce that specific piece of it, but won’t do anything for the rest of the area. If the rest of the area is in good shape, then a patching will do fine. If you think the rest of the area may suffer the same fate soon, it may be a better idea to resurface the whole thing. A full resurfacing will reinforce the entire paved area and will protect it more than just a patching.

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