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Paving Company in Chester County, PA

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Paving Company in Chester County, PA


For over 10 years, owner Daniel Mallozzi has worked hard to perfect his craftsmanship and knowledge of hardscaping services. At Mr. Pavement, he and his experts offer an array of hardscaping techniques to help you create or maintain a reliable paved area. In addition to sealing and resurfacing, we also offer parking lot lining, patching, and patios, so no matter what your vision, we can help make it a reality.

Paving Company in Chester County, PA


When it comes to driveways, our Chester County, PA paving company has helped restore many in the area. Over time, your driveway is subjected to the constant wear of your vehicle’s weight and tires (along with other elements like salt, hail, UV rays, and temperature changes). All of this can lead to cracks or holes (especially on edges or on uneven areas). Let our experts take a look at your driveway. If the damage is minor, we may suggest areas of patching or an entire coat of sealant to prevent any further damage.

Paving Company in Chester County, PA


Like driveways, parking lots are exposed to elements like salt, hail temperature changes, and vehicles; however, a parking lot usually undergoes more use. This can mean larger cracks or holes that can be problematic. With our parking lot resurfacing service, we’ll apply an entirely new layer of asphalt to your parking lot, giving it a strong, smooth foundation.

Paving Company in Chester County, PA


At Mr. Pavement, we know asphalt is an investment and whether you have a large parking lot, a medium-sized driveway, or a small sidewalk, it’s important to keep it in good shape. With our sealcoating services in Chester County, we can help you prolong the life of your asphalt and protect it from natural elements that can damage it. Not only does a quality sealcoating provide a shield, it also adds a beautiful, rich look to your pavement.

Paving Company in Chester County, PA


As lining experts in Chester County, we can refresh the important markings in your parking lot quickly and professionally. We know over time, parking lot traffic can cause wear and tear to your asphalt and cause lines to fade, so we’ll provide a fresh coat of paint for parking space lines, arrows, blocked-off sections, and more. We know it’s important for your visitors to be able to clearly navigate your parking lot.

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