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In the City of Brotherly Love, we really know how to enjoy ourselves. What better way to show you care than to have your friends and family over to watch the Eagles? Maybe serving some tasty barbeque? Or you might dream of enjoying a wood oven pizza that you just baked in your outdoor kitchen. You can see it now: having your loved ones all together, sitting back and enjoying a beautiful summer evening. You watch them smiling and laughing around your fire pit. When you open your mind to the endless entertainment opportunities that your custom-created concrete patio will bring, you’ll enjoy the liberty of living the good life.

Concrete Patio Design

At Mr. Pavement, we enjoy a long-standing reputation of being one of the premier concrete contractors in the greater Philadelphia area. For the past decade, outdoor living spaces like patios have been one of the most requested home improvements, according to the American Institute of Architects. In fact, they’ve grown in popularity by 72 percent since 2012. So, why have patios become so popular? It’s part of a general trend toward a more informal and relaxed lifestyle. When you build a concrete patio, you get the chance to increase your living space without having to spend a lot.

Why should you have to choose between price and quality? We deliver value, which means you get a well-crafted custom concrete patio for an affordable price. The materials used in patios have improved significantly through the years, adding to the popularity of patios. Mr. Pavement can build a patio using many different materials, including brick, concrete, and stone. We can also offer you a truly customized look, using a broad range of concrete dyes and sealants to give you the look of natural stone, rock or brick without the cost. Keep in mind you can combine a couple different materials together, like brick trim and concrete, to create a design all your own.

Concrete Offers You Flexibility, Durability and Beauty

Concrete offers you a surprising amount of design flexibility and you can create a patio of many different shapes and sizes. Maybe you’re interested in repairing an old patio? We can do that for you, too. You can cover an outdated, plain gray patio with colors and designs for a whole new look at a significant value. When you refinish or repair an older patio, the return on your investment, can be as much as 500%.At Mr. Pavement, we’ll design and build the perfect patio for your family to enjoy for many years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Request a free estimate today, and speak with one of our professional craftsmen about your patio needs to find out everything we can do for you. Serving the greater Philadelphia area for over 10 years, we promise honesty, integrity and quality workmanship on every project. It’s our concrete guarantee to you, and to your family.

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Concrete Patios

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