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Driveway Maintenance

At Mr. Pavement, we know that your driveway is one of the most important parts of your home and we want to help keep it in its best condition. Whether it’s patching, resurfacing, or sealcoating, asphalt driveway maintenance is one of our specialties. We’ll give your driveway the treatment it needs to stay looking great and functioning well.


If your driveway has succumbed to cracks, holes, or minor damage, let us patch them up for you. These small crevices can be a big problem in the winter; when water seeps into them and then freezes, it expands and could make the cracks or holes worse. We’ll fill in your damaged areas and then lay a new patch of asphalt on top to prevent this.


Driveways that have significant damage but still have a firm, solid base are able to be resurfaced instead of completely replaced. Resurfacing saves not only time, but money as well. If your driveway is old and worn and you believe it’s time for a new one, let us assess it. If we can, we’ll suggest resurfacing it and your driveway will look as good as new.


Every few years, it’s a good idea to sealcoat your driveway. Sealcoating gives it a fresh layer of protection from elements like sun, hail, debris, and the wear and tear of vehicles. You’ll enjoy a driveway with a brand new look and richness while feeling at ease with its strength and durability. Call our asphalt driveway maintenance experts today. We’ll assess your driveway and decide which treatment is best for it. After that, we’ll work quickly using state-of-the-art equipment to get your driveway back to its finest.

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